What is biopuncture?

Acupuncture injection therapy? Point injection therapy? Often seen as AIT, and PIT, Acupuncture Injection Therapy (AIT) Point injection therapy (PIT) and or Biopuncture, is the injection of sterile botanical substances such as herbal extracts, homeopathic medicines, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. This may also include regenerative therapies such as prolotherapy, mesotherapy, and neural therapy.

Official definition: “Acupuncture point injection is the injection at an acupuncture point of a small amount of a drug, vitamin, saline, or plant extract and is a recent innovation of traditional acupuncture and aims to enhance and prolong the effect of stimulation of acupuncture points” ~med gen med 2004:6(4):45 PMCID:PMC 1480551

How does it work? Tiny amounts of homeopathic formulas (highly sterile dilute preparations) are injected into acupuncture points, or tender areas of the body.  This can assist the body to lessen pain, decrease inflammation, and release trigger points.  Most common sites for injections include: shoulders, knees, elbows, spine, head, neck, trigger points, and acupuncture points.

The beauty of biopuncture is its highly beneficial natural effectiveness. There are few side effects, and it is a viable alternative to steroids, NSAIDS, and other over the counter or prescribed medications.

Is Biopuncture AIT, PIT right for you?

The use of biopuncture is perfect for individuals with chronic or acute pain. Immune system weaknesses, digestive disorders, sleep issues, hormone imbalances, tendon or ligament issues, nerve pain, 

Even anxiety.

There's a great video about Biopuncture on Sharecare.