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American Spa - May, 2008 - Pins and Needles at Chopstix!
January 25, 2008 Edition

On Pins and Needles

We’ve been quite the sad cliché as of late, living off a steady supply of Ambien and lattes to beat the winter blues. Never having pictured ourselves the pill-popping, caffeine-reliant, melancholy type (we wear a pink puffy coat every day while listening to catchy tunes on our pink iPod), we decided it was time to push Western medicine aside and give naturopathic treatment a chance, which led us to the adorable pink and brown Chopstix Acupuncture website.

And trust us, the website is but a small taste of the sweet relief that acupuncturist Christian Hunt gave us from our aches, pains and the down-in-the-dumps feeling.  In her new Fremont office overlooking the canal, she asked us questions about our health, thoroughly explained everything she did, and followed up our acupuncture session with an amazing massage.  After just one treatment, we actually slept unassisted (i.e., no more “Valley of the Dolls”) for the first time in weeks.

With our next treatment already lined up, we’re looking forward to many more nights of sweet dreams.
December 15, 2006 Edition

House of Pin
Chopstix Acupuncture

Question: What do the following have in common?
A. Close-talkers with overactive spit glands
B. Fast-moving balls (as in basket- or base- kind)
C. Cheek-pinching aunts and grandmas
D. Sharp objects

Answer: They’re all things you’d rather keep far away from your face.

Which is why you may need some convincing before trying facial acupuncture, an ancient Chinese practice-cum-Botox alternative revived by Fremont practitioner Christian Hunt.

Too nervous to play human voodoo doll for the witch doctor? One visit to Chopstix, a sweet, pagoda-style studio flanked by gardens and twinkly lights, and you’ll have a change of heart.

Breathe sweet lavender from the heated bed while Hunt applies dozens of microthin needles. The process releases energy to your face, smoothing lines in one 90-minute session. (Really.)

For a quick pick-me-up or pre-party plumping, a single visit will do. But for long-term results, consider a package. You’ll get a sharp discount.

A point that’s bound to be well taken.

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