Welcome to Chopstix

Welcome to Chopstix Acupuncture and bodywork studio located in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. Christian Hunt, LAc, MAcOM, LMP, is the founder of Chopstix, and welcomes the opportunity to work with you. It is a priority to answer all of your questions, demystify acupuncture and oriental medicine, allow you to be comfortable with your first time acupuncture session, and be present in your treatment process.

It is my hope that the space that I have created, the time spent with you, and the blending of the key modalities of Chinese medicine will facilitate a healing process. During your visit, expect many questions about your health, time relaxing with the acupuncture needles, massage (tui na), cupping, heat, Chinese Herbal prescriptions (if wanted) dietary recommendations, and a treatment plan aimed at nudging your body back in to health and balance.

Christian has had great success working with pain relief, women’s health issues such as endometriosis, fertility challenges, PMS, and menopausal symptoms. As an athlete, and a woman with endometriosis, I have experienced first hand the benefits of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to support my body and the recovery of training, injury treatment, and monthly pain relief.

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